Why is the link to my company site or application form not working?

Find out why this could be, and what we can do to help

Many companies chose to include a link to either their company site or a link to an application form. It's a great way to ensure that the candidates meet your companies entry criteria.

Sometimes we do get error messages reported to us from Jobseekers who have not been able to complete the task. So we want to help you get it right first time.

We have found in our experience that the error messages tend to be from uploaded documents such as application forms rather than online company career sites.

When you upload a document, please ensure that there are no spaces in the actual name of the document - so 'Application Form' should simply read as 'ApplicationForm'.

As the documents are converted into web links, the spacing can cause an error which means that the jobseekers won't be able to see your form.

By ensuring that there are no spaces, the jobseekers will receive the form.

Of course if you are still experiencing issues, please do let us know.