Can I see an example of the email that you send to applicants with my companies application form?

Here is an example email we send automatically to applicants

Here is an example of our 'An employer has requested that you complete an application form' that we automatically send to applicants so they stay engaged in your recruitment process.

We will also send follow up emails to encourage them to complete the set task.

A few things to remember when uploading an application form

  • Please remember to include a deadline and instructions on how to return the form.
  • Try to not ask the applicant to repeat information that is already on their CV

We've found that typically only 8% of applicants will complete the form.

--- Plain text example email ---

Hi {FirstName},


Recently you made an application for a Example Job [Our reference] and we passed your details to our client.

The great news is the client has requested that you fill out a quick application form.. Please follow this link to instantly download the form: ApplicationForm

We wish you all the very best with your application