Uploading unsolicited applications

Learn how to attach unsolicited applicants to an existing advert

We appreciate that sometimes as a business you may receive un-solicited applications. We've now provided you with the facility to upload these applications so you have every thing in one easy place.

You will now see this option on each of your adverts. To upload a CV, you click on 'Upload your own applicant', select the right document and click on save.

The applicant will then appear on your dashboard within a few minutes. You'll receive a notification in your notifications tab once the upload is complete.

You will be able to still send the applicant messages through the messages tab, however because the application won't have come through our normal channels, you won't be able to send them the automated unsuccessful email. We can still send them the Shortlist+ invitation if you have selected this option for your advert. To do this you will need to click on 'Send Shortlist+ invitation' from the Shortlist+ tab, we will take care of the rest