Updates 13 March 2019

Learn about the improvements we've made

After reviewing thousands of customer interactions on the Applicant details page we have made the following improvements:

CVs are easier to read

CVs come in a bewildering number of formats and so we've had a 'house-style' for nearly a decade. But some customers found it difficult to read and many wanted to see the original CV. Therefore, we now show the original CV without needing to download it.

Tabs have been changed to sub-navigation

With more customers using mobile phones it was no longer practical to have tabs. Consequently we moved 'Shortlist+' and 'Messages' from tabs to the sub-navigation.

Filtering applicants is more prominent

As you scroll down, the thumb-ranking icons stick to the top of the navigation making it quicker to shortlist applicants and move to the next.

Notes have been moved

Because few customers were using Notes we've reduced their prominence by placing them in the sub-navigation.

Significant performance increase

The code has been fundamentally upgraded, making it much faster to view applicants. In a future release we are upgrading our data storage to allow for even faster response times.

Tags have been removed

You may be wondering what Tags were! If so you weren't alone as less than 0.05% of customers were using the feature. So we've removed it to de-clutter and allow more time to focus on features customers will use :)

Double-login bug

Some customers may have multiple tabs open on their browser. If they are logged out because of 30+ minutes inactivity they had to log back into every tab. Now you only need to log in once.

We've removed applicant's avatars

Avatars were included because it is easier to pick a face from a crowd rather than from a list of text. However, very few applicants were including avatars so it just seemed messy and was cleaned up.


We try our best to produce a solution you love using.

But we're not perfect and so would like to know how we can improve to meet your expectations. If you have any feedback please share it with me directly: geoff@recruitmentgenius.com. As the managing director, I'm always grateful for constructive criticism.