Hand-filtering trial

Learn about our new Hand-filtering trial

With increased unemployment, applications rates have increased. Sadly, some job seekers are desperate for work and apply for jobs they are blatantly not suitable for. Whilst we sympathise with their situation, we’re also aware it puts undue pressure on employers to find the best applicants.

Therefore, we’re launching a hand-filtering service:

1.    Tell us what is important to you via the online portal

2.    Our UK based team will read and sort each applicant

3.    Applicants will be highlighted as ‘We recommend’ or ‘We don’t recommend’ so you can focus your time accordingly

As with any new service improvements can be made so we would value your feedback.

Once we are all satisfied with the quality-of-service hand-filtering will be available to all our customers and there will be a small charge to cover our staffing costs. For customers regularly using the service, bulk discounts will be available.

It is worth remembering that as we're UK based, our team only reviews applications between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Applications are regularly reviewed throughout the day, any that are viewed and ranked by yourselves won't be included within our review.

To participate in the trial please contact us.