How do I add/create a new team?

Users & Teams
Learn how to create a new team
  1. In the top-right corner click on your avatar for a side-menu to expand
  2. Select 'Users & Teams' (note you will need permission from the account owner to see this page)
  3. From the Users & Teams page select the Add a new team link
  4. Enter the name of the team
  5. Finish by selecting the Create team button

How to choose a good name for a team:

Teams names are very flexible. Some good examples include:

  • Locations (eg. “London office”)
  • Departments (eg. “Customer service department”)
  • Roles (eg. “HR”)
  • Security (eg. “Confidential”)
  • Or a mixture (eg. “London customer services department”)

You can re-name a team later if you need to.