I'm not getting a good response, what should I do?

Learn what to do if you unfortunately get a poor response

We're sorry that you feel that you have got a poor response, that is in nobody's best interests.

Please work with us to help you get the best response. There are four common reasons why you may not get the best response:

  • You are asking too much and the ‘perfect’ candidate does not exist - Reassess your expectations: what can be trained and what can be compromised?
  • The location advertised did not have a large population to attract the right response - Consider advertising in another location.
  • The salary was not shown and so you may have lost 80% of potential applications - Re-advertise with a salary.
  • You used application forms or employer career sites for capturing data and so lost a minimum of 92% of potential applicants - Don't use these outdated methods