I've got a few poor quality applicants, what can I do?

Learn what to do with poor quality applicants

If you are receiving a few poor quality applicants - which it is annoying - there is nothing to worry about. Simply rank that applicants as 'unsuccessful' using the thumbs-down icon.

If you are receiving lots of poor quality applicants, please work with us to get a better response. There are four common reasons why you may not get the best response:

  • You are asking too much and the ‘perfect’ candidate does not exist - Reassess your expectations: what can be trained and what can be compromised?
  • The location advertised did not have a large population to attract the right response - Consider advertising in another location.
  • The salary was not shown and so you may have lost 80% of potential applications - Re-advertise with a salary.
  • You used application forms or employer career sites for capturing data and so lost a minimum of 92% of potential applicants - Don't use these outdated methods