Do you screen/approve all the Shortlist+ questions?

Learn why we screen Shortlist+ questions and what we look for

We manually check all Shortlist+ questions to ensure they add value and follow best practice.

We will allow questions that are:

1. Important for screening

2. Concise and easy to understand

We won't allow questions that are:

1. Discriminatory (eg. "Are you planning on having children?")

2. Irrelevant/un-important (eg. "Describe yourself in three words")

3. Many questions in one - because applicant can get confused

4. Requiring a long answer - because applicants up to 30 seconds to respond

5. Already answered on their CV - applicants don't like to repeat themselves when they've already gone to so much effort creating a CV and often will not ask any of your questions

6. Too basic (eg. "Do you have the right to work in the UK" - applicants typically ignore every question if they see this!)