Why is it not recommended to hide a salary?

Learn why you lose nearly 80% of your applications if you don't have a salary

Applicants want to know what the salary is before they apply for a role, therefore you may lose up to 80% of applications if you don’t show it.

Additionally the applications may be poorer quality because applicants have been unable to assess the level of experience you require.

Why would you want to hide a salary

Often customers want to hide a salary for two reasons:

1. Concerns existing staff may discover you are willing to pay more than they are getting. The only reason they would know this is if they are looking on job boards! We try to minimise this by never using employer branded adverts. But it is much better to pay existing staff what they are worth because the cost of replacing them is so high.

2. They want to 'test' the market. But you can't run an accurate test the quality is so poor and the number of applications so low.

Genius tip:

When customers don't get a good response to their job advertisements, this is the third most common reason.