Can I see an example of an unsuccessful email?

Here is the email template we send to unsuccessful applicants

It is always better to know and our 'unsuccessful' email often generates a "thank you" from applicants.

There are a few key parts of our email:

  • Your details are kept confidential so if you change your mind the risk to your reputation is low
  • No specific reason is provided
  • We encourage applicants to apply to other jobs, benefiting other customers
  • We may not send the email immediately

--- Plain text example email ---

Dear {FirstName},

Many thanks for applying to the {JobTitle} vacancy in {JobLocation} (our ref: {JobRef}). Our client was pleased to receive your application and have now had the chance to consider it together with the rest of the response to date.

Sadly on this occasion they felt other applicants appeared to be a better ‘fit” in terms of desired experience than you have.

I recognise the time and effort that is involved in submitting an application and that there is no easy way to pass on negative news, but I hope you appreciate being updated.

Unfortunately because Recruitment Genius is purely a CV finding service we are sadly unable to provide any further information or influence the client’s decision.

All I would add is to say that this certainly does not mean that you could not make an excellent contribution to our other client’s vacancies. Whilst we cannot contact you directly regarding other opportunities, if you see a relevant vacancy advertised by Recruitment Genius please do make another job application.

Thanks again for your interest and we wish you all the very best with your job hunt.