Can I change the accept distance to applicants?

Learn how to change the auto-reject distance

You can change the acceptable distance to auto-reject applicants.

When the acceptable distance is changed all previous applicants will be re-scored. If they were previously auto-rejected because they lived too far away but are now an acceptable distance we will change their status to awaiting review

  1. From the All Adverts page select the appropriate advert (note: if you can't find the advert it might be archived)
  2. Select the Manage advert and then the Advert Options tab
  3. Scroll down to the Exclude applicants living too far away box
  4. Ensure the Exclude applicants over… is ticked
  5. Select a suitable distance you will be willing to consider applicants
  6. Ensure the job's postcode is correct
  7. Scroll down and finish by selecting [Submit]

If we know an applicant’s address we will calculate their commute and auto-reject if they live too far away.

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