What email do you send to applicants if they ask about the progress of their job application?

Here is an example email we send...

A few applicants use the FAQs to ask about the progress of their job application. To save you the inconvenience we respond:

--- Plain text example ---


Thank you for trying to contacting the employer to check the progress of your application for a {JobTitle}.

In this instance we felt it best to respond.

If you have not done so already you can register a free job seeker account where all your job applications and their progress is shown.

Unfortunately previous experience indicates that if you have not heard within 14 days, it is unlikely that you will be contacted by the client.

Because Recruitment Genius is purely a CV finding service we are sadly unable to provide any further information about the job, the client, or the progress of your application.

We wish you every success with your job hunt.