Why is there a character limit?

Learn why we impose a character limit on adverts

You may have noticed that there is a 3,000 character limit on your advert (or 600 per section if you are using the guided view).

We have to impose these limits as we are guided by the job boards.There are some which can accept larger adverts and others which prefer smaller ones. We've chosen the 3,000 character limit as this is the ideal medium for all of the job boards that we utilise.

Things to remember

  • Jobseekers tend to not read full job descriptions. This is another benefit of having a character limit.
  • Keep the key points of your advert ultimately attracting the right applicant.

Whilst we can't increase the character limit, we can certainly assist you if you need help in slimming down your advert. Please email your job description to your account manager or directly to our editorial team on editorial@recruitmentgenius.com and we can do it for you.