Install the ‘We’re hiring’ button on your website with Google Tag Manager

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Learn how to add the 'We're Hiring' button to your website and attract more applicants

Google Tag Manager is a great solution for managing tags, snippets, and Javascript code that sends data to third parties on your website. You can easily add your button to your website without requiring a developer to update the code, just following the steps below:

IMPORTANT: To install the ‘We’re Hiring’ button on your website with Google Tag Manager, you must have an active Google Tag Manager account with a published container.

1.    Login to your Google Tag Manager Account and navigate to the Tags section:

2.    Next, create a new tag and name it (for example We’re Hiring – Button):

3.    Click on the ‘Tag Configuration’ section and select ‘Custom HTML’ tag type

4.    Copy your unique code. You will find this in 'career page settings' under 'We're Hiring Button'.

5.    Paste the code into the tag in Google Tag Manager is should look like this:

[awaiting image]

6.    Next, click the ‘Triggering’ section and select ‘All pages’

7.    Click ‘Save’ and submit the form.

Now the button will be installed on all pages using Google Tag Manager.

If you cannot see your button on your website, you may need to test the tag is firing correctly. For more information and resolving issues with Google Tag Manager please visit: