What happens when you 'Copy' an advert?

Learn what our site does when you copy a previously used advert

If you would like to re-list a previously advertised job, we like to make things as simple as possible for you, so we provide a 'Copy advert' function.

To locate the copy function, you click on your desired advert, go to the 'Manage Advert' tab and you will see 'Copy advert' on the right hand side.

The good thing is that it won't re-list the advert immediately.

When an advert is copied, it will appear as if you've created a new advert except we will have populated all of the fields for you. You will be able to go through and make any changes before submitting it to us for review.

Things to consider

  • Is the title still relevant or appropriate?
  • Is the salary still applicable?
  • Is the location still right for you?
  • Have any of the main responsibilities or desired skill sets changed?

When we copy over an advert, everything that was set for the previous advert copies over. This does include the daily users responsible for the advert (who receives the daily update) and hand filtering options if this has been selected. Please note that if hand filtering has previously been selected, you will need to apply a new credit to your new advert as we don't automatically apply these.

The other things that won't copy over

  • Shortlist+
  • Excluding applicants from outside the EU
  • Desired commuting distance
  • Links to company career sites

If you use these features, you will need to check that they are still relevant to your newest advert and make any amendments as needed.

Of course we're happy to provide assistance if needed. Just get in touch.